Our company considers the environment just as we consider our clients… fundamental!

The environment is indispensable element of our quality of life and is a duty towards future generations.

This focus is reflected in a constant effort to improve the environmental impact of our manufacturing activities. Every day we strive to safeguard the integrity of the environment while conducting operations in the manufacturing of the product and service.
Having identified its activities and services that have or may have a significant impact on the environment, we aimed to decrease the use of energy and natural resources through the acquisition and preservation where possible, to control the production of waste products emphasize recycling and or reuse.

And is natural that this major requires the involvement of everyone in our company has developed a simple Decalogue of recommendations made to respect the environment in the company

  • The evening before leaving the office, always switch off computers and printers
  • Before leaving the office as turn off the heating and air-conditioners
  • Keep the office door closed when the air conditioner or heating are in place
  • Turn off the light every time you leave the office
  • Disposable paper and cardboard in paper box
  • Disposable toner and other consumables of the printer and photocopier in eco Box
  • When you can reuse the printed
  • When possible, reuse the packing materials, cardboard, Styrofoam, bubble wrap
  • Use water sparingly
  • If possible, go work using public transportation.

This sensitivity and the constant commitment to finding solutions aimed at safeguarding the environment, led us to the marketing of eco-friendly products, that is commonly used products which guarantee a low environmental impact.

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